Where to Shop in NYC According to a Millennial


Ah, New York City. I could go on for days. After living in the city for a few years, I may not know the best ways to save money in NYC, but when it comes to knowing where to shop in NYC, you’re reading the right blog. We all know the Forever 21s and Zaras of the world, but when you head into New York City for a day or two, it only makes sense that you want to buy things there that you can’t really find anywhere else (or at least around a small town like mine).

Want to know where to shop in NYC? I’ve compiled a list of all the must-stop at shopping destinations that you need to know about in Manhattan and Brooklyn. Yeah, you’re welcome in advance.


Bershka Pop Up Shop: Zara’s more appropriately priced little sister, Bershka, is the answer to any millennial’s shopping dreams. We all love Zara but sometimes cringe at the thought of paying $125 for a pair of ripped boyfriend jeans that we’ll probably hate within six months in all reality. The European retailer will provide you with some seriously cool shit, you guys. (580 Broadway)

The Mask Bar: As an avid sheet mask user (no, but seriously, I use them just about every. single. day) this store is an absolute dream come true. I saw it on a coworker’s Instagram story and after having a small heart attack, I got the location. I checked it out for the first time when I was in the city last week, and it’s somewhere I’ll absolutely stop anytime I’m back. This is the ideal destination to find any sheet masks (or K-Beauty products in general) that you can only find online. (259 Bleecker St)

Glossier: Easily one of the most Instagrammable places on my list, the Glossier showroom is one you can’t miss. At this location, you’re able to swatch, test, and play with all the Glossier products that you see online, but have been nervous to order before getting to physically touch it. (123 Lafayette St)

Birchbox: Everyone knows this popular beauty subscription box, but did you know that they have a brick-and-mortar store in the city? Inside this dreamboat, you can actually create and customize your own Birchbox or you can purchase one (or 10) of the thousands of beauty products that the store carries. It’s a great place to physically see and touch some of your favorite indie brands that you don’t see at Sephora or ULTA. (433 W Broadway)

Ricky’s: I know that when I’m waltzing down the sidewalks and see that cotton candy blue and pink banner waving in the wind, it’s game time. Ricky’s is the ultimate beauty destination for any beauty product you could possibly ever need. The store carries brands like Morphe or The Ordinary, so you can get it in-hand without having to order off the website and wait for shipping. (375 Broadway or 590 Broadway)

Bulletin: The second I walked in the door at Bulletin, I was faced with millennial feminist glory. The adorable store is decked out in all the feminist, girly gear any lady could ever desire. From “Queen” t-shirts with Beyonce’s cartoon face on the front to Nasty Woman car air fresheners, this store had it all. When I say you’ll want very single thing, I’m far from exaggerating. (138 Wooster)


Topshop: We’ve all shopped the somewhat fairly priced retailer online, but seeing Topshop in person is a whole other ballgame. From wall to wall are all the latest styles and designs that you see on all your favorite fashion bloggers, but at a price your wallet will be okay with. From accessories to makeup to clothing and shoes, Topshop has everything you could need. (608 Fifth Avenue)

Buffalo Exchange: Most large cities have a Buffalo Exchange, but in my opinion, there’s nothing like the one in Chelsea. I can’t even explain to you all the amazing deals I’ve gotten at this location. Tons of wealthy UES babes must bring all their no-longer-wanted pieces here because the place is chock full of designer labels for unbelievably inexpensive prices. (114 W. 26th)


28 Scott Vintage: (Bushwick, 28 Scott Ave) I was first introduced to 28 Scott through a vintage store tour of Bushwick and was totally taken aback when our tour guide literally down told us to go down a hatchway to get into the store. She didn’t seem like a murderer so I went and boy, am I happy I did. Not only does this store have incredible vintage pieces at some of the cheapest prices I’ve seen in NYC, but the entire decor and aesthetic of the place is just unbelievable. Make sure to call ahead of time because this location doesn’t have set hours.

Urban Jungle: If you’re overwhelmed just looking at this image, you will probably pass out the second you walk into Urban Jungle. The place literally resembles a jungle except instead of nature there’s thrifted clothing piled everywhere and instead of animals it’s hipster millennials scounging for the latest and greatest. Go ahead and plan at least 1-2 hours in this location. You’ll need it. (Bushwick, 120 Knickerbocker Ave)

Chess and the Sphinx: If you’re looking for more of a vintage experience than thrifted, Chess and the Sphinx is a great place to stop. This vintage shop offers carefully curated pieces from many different eras. It’s a true vintage store where you can find sweet pieces from the top designers or out-of-business brands at a seriously decent price. (Bushwick, 252 Knickerbocker Ave)

Amika Styleblow: Just about every time I venture into the city, I make sure to make a trip to this blowout bar. I’ve never been one of those chicks who feels like she needs a monthly blowout or anything, but this is a necessity to me. The stylist at styleblow are wonderful, creating some of the coolest hairstyles out there. I usually bring them a photo of some cool braids or other shit I’ve found on Instagram and let them go to town. It’s a great way to get away from the madness of the city. Also, be sure to stop at Van Leeuwen Artisan Ice Cream next door for a sweet treat. (Williamsburg, 204 Wythe Ave)

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