how to wear Neon in the Winter

How to Style Neon in the Winter Because Seasonal Depression


Maybe it’s just in New England, but to me, winter is the actual worst. I will truly never understand those people that love the snow and think it’s god’s gift. Just not my thing. Since I hate doing anything outside when the temperature drops below 40, I have to find some way of making my life more exciting, and usually that’s by wearing neon in the winter. I figure if I can’t spice up the weather, I might as well do what I can with my wardrobe.

I first saw this chunky, thick-as-hell neon red sweater in a fellow blogger’s Instagram, and immediately I had to go to H&M and buy it. Much to my surprise when I got there, I saw that it was only $20! What a deal, right?! I decided to pair this neon number with a pair of high-waisted ripped jeans for a really modern look with the black and red. While putting together this outfit, I had a pair of black booties and this insane(ly amazing) pair of red Steve Madden heels, and I asked my lovely photographer, Lauren, whether or not I should go with the red pair. Homegirl told me to go for it, and I’m SO happy that I did. The matching booties really took this look from, like, 20 to 100 real quick and make the neon in the winter trend look like the shit.

Also, I was really not kidding when I told you guys that my baker boy hat is legit the love of my life. I seriously will put an outfit together and look in the mirror and think “man, something is just off with this.” After spending a minute being puzzled, I toss this hat on and feel like myself again. It’s like an ex that you just can’t get over (only it’s awesome and you don’t mind it being on you all the time).

Photography: Laurel Creative | Editing: Bousquet Photo

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