This Denim Shirt Outfit is Perfect for the Lazy Gal


Denim Shirt Outfit

For me, style is all about comfort. I’m not a huge fan of pieces that are too tight to my body (you know, because I like to eat brownies on a daily basis and don’t need anyone knowing about it.. Oh, oops). I really enjoy being as comfortable as possible like most people which is why you need to get on this denim shirt outfit ASAP.

Denim shirts are literally the perfect solution to being a lazy piece of shit who wants to look like she didn’t just roll out of the bed and whine (or wine) her way to work. A denim shirt outfit makes you look somewhat professional and you’ll still feel like you’re in your pajamas — a win-win, no? I paired mine with high-waisted black denim and my trusty pair of Forever 21 black booties (that I’ve surprisingly had for about three years and they aren’t trash yet) because my job requires little to no professional gear (yay me, right?).

We shot this look in a small town near me called Northampton. Funny I call it a small town because it’s actually one of the coolest and most exciting towns within a 30 mile range. We found this super cool little plant shop called Kestrel, and I truly fell in love with legit every item in the store. Aside from adorable succulents, chic jewelry, and beautiful textiles, the shop also sells sweet bath and body products like this body scrub. Definitely worth checking out if you’re in the area.

How to Style a Denim ShirtHow to Style a Denim ShirtHow to Style a Denim ShirtDenim Shirt Outfit

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