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My Favorite Way to Style a Bubble Sleeve Sweater


Don’t you just love a good comfortable as hell outfit? To me, this was it. I collaborated with the incredible Boston-based LIT Boutique to create a few looks (this is one of three!) with their amazing clothing. This is definitely the most simple of the three (stay tuned.. you’re going to want to see the other


Dresses for Winter? Hell yes.


While I’m the type of girl that’s all about an oversized, cozy sweater, dresses will still always be near and dear to my heart. In the summer, I’m almost always in one (I literally hate shorts) and I really love any excuse to wear dresses for winter. While it may seem impractical because it’s so


The Baker Boy Hat Has Become My New Lover


My new found obsession with the baker boy hat all started when I was scrolling through Instagram a few weeks back, and came across Melissa Alatoree’s Instagram photo where she was sporting one of these interesting hats. Let’s me preface this by saying I’ve never been a hat person. Maybe a baseball cap here and there