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Happy Holidays: Enter Our $1000 Paypal Cash Giveaway


Hi everyone! We have a super fun giveaway planned and we are all so excited to be sharing it today! I’m teaming up with some really awesome bloggers to bring you a $1000 PayPal cash giveaway! One lucky follower will have the chance to win some extra spending money this holiday season! All you have


A Long Grey Coat That’ll Complete Any Outfit


Gah, it’s finally winter. Okay, so not technically, but trust me, it feels like it in Massachusetts. Thankfully, my trusty long grey coat is not only winter-appropriate, but it’s a true staple in my cold weather wardrobe. I love a good minimalistic coat because it can really go with anything in my closet. As fun and


How to Style Neon in the Winter Because Seasonal Depression


Maybe it’s just in New England, but to me, winter is the actual worst. I will truly never understand those people that love the snow and think it’s god’s gift. Just not my thing. Since I hate doing anything outside when the temperature drops below 40, I have to find some way of making my life


The Baker Boy Hat Has Become My New Lover


My new found obsession with the baker boy hat all started when I was scrolling through Instagram a few weeks back, and came across Melissa Alatoree’s Instagram photo where she was sporting one of these interesting hats. Let’s me preface this by saying I’ve never been a hat person. Maybe a baseball cap here and there