Black Friday Shopping Guide 2017


For anyone who knows me, you know that I’m obsessed with shopping. What I have in my closet is simply never enough for me. For the chicks who are just like me, you’ll appreciate that I’ve created the ultimate Black Friday shopping guide for this year. From sweet denim jackets to lovely winter hats, I’ve got y’all covered.

Every year I always say that I’m not going to the mall for Black Friday then somehow I end up trucking my ass there only to wait in a shit ton of lines and fight chicks for $5 off a shirt or something stupid like that. This year I’m saying that I’m not going and I’m. Not. Going. Mark my words. I’ll definitely be sitting in the comfort of my own home online shopping as many of my favorite brands like Nasty Gal, Lulus, and ASOS are having their sales from Friday to Monday.

Also, for any local babes that want to catch a great discount, I’ll be at The Beauty Studio Boutique on Saturday from 11-4pm styling anyone who walks in the door. Also, please note that our discount is 25% off everything. You definitely don’t want to miss that. Plus, on Friday Marsia is making slow cooker hot cocoa to go, so if that doesn’t sell you then I don’t know what will.

Below, I’ve rounded up some of my favorite things to buy whether they’re for you or for a gift. Also note that when you purchase by clicking on these links, I receive a commission a.k.a. buy them so I can afford to feed my dogs (shameless guilt tripping my readers, I know). 

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